PRIMULA S.A., the company

Primula S.A. is the successor of the company "A. Arampatzidis & Co." which was established back in 1969. Throughout these years Primula S.A. has gained worldwide recognition for being committed to its high technical standards and for the constant quality provided, which are the cornerstones of its philosophy.

Primula S.A. strives to bring unique innovative ideas to the Ironing, Finishing and Pressing Industry through its excellent workmanship, highly skilled technical staff and technological infrastructure. All its products are manufactured in accordance with the European standards for quality and safety.

One of the factors that make Primula's business relationships a success, is that we consider ourselves an active business partner to our customers; we advise, research, design and finally supply the best possible custom-made solution to any of our customers' needs and requirements.

Furthermore, the skilled staff provides Primula S.A. strength to react quickly and be adaptable. However, our commitment doesn't stop there, since Primula S.A. firmly believes that the After Sales Service is a significant factor in establishing a long lasting business relationships.